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Published by Nick Hern Books, January 2019, as part of Play from VAULT Four

‘If A happens to the child, does it follow that B happens to the adult?’

As the memories of former patients collide with her own, a child psychologist attempts to record what she’s spent her whole life trying to forget.

But when time begins to loosen its grip, and her recording equipment begins to argue back, we hear the inner workings of a mind on the brink of collapse.

‘Did you hear it? When it went? Just so I can listen out for it. I want to know what sound it makes.’


Published by Nick Hern Books, February 2018

A darkly comic, claustrophobic tale of voyeurism and sexual politics.

In an apartment somewhere, May and Caitlin are on a mission to take back the looking. Up here, away from the prying, away from the eyes, they watch over the girls. They could take over the world if they wanted to… but they probably won’t.

Peep premiered at Bewley’s Café Theatre, Dublin, in February 2018.

‘You have to want to be here, wouldn’t you say. It has to be a choice you make yourself. Otherwise there’s no dedication. No heart.’

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He's Not There

Published in Bare Fiction Magazine, November 2017