Reviews for Peep

'A black comedy that is genuinely creepy is a rarity. But Jodi Gray's Peep manages to spook the living daylights out of you, because wild though its premise is, it actually seems possible… and not even in an alternative universe.' Emer O'Kelly, Irish Independent

'Gray’s play is a grim and surreal satire on gendered gaze and fractious alliances, because these are two women divided by a common cause… Peep invites you to join their watching, if you dare.' Peter Crawley, Irish Times

'Peep is a welcome addition to the stock of plays by young women writers, for women actors and focusing on women’s issues and perspectives… The dramatic situation is rich with possibilities which Gray exploits with considerable success… Gray’s writing is full of promise. Her characters are believable and she has a good ear for dialogue…' No More Workhorse