Living Record @ Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2018
@ VAULT Festival 2019
@ Brighton Fringe 2019


'The little one is listening still. Still there. Still beating heart and breathing lungs and believing believing believing me…'

As the memories of former patients collide violently with her own, a child psychologist attempts to record what she’s spent her whole life trying to forget.

But as time loosens its grip, and her recording equipment begins to argue back, we hear the inner workings of a mind on the brink of collapse.

With a microphone shaped like the human head and an audience with wireless headphones on, vivid soundscapes and whispered memories wash over the audience as they try to puzzle together the missing pieces of an almost forgotten life.

‘What we never really understood is that we shouldn’t have recorded what they remembered. We should have recorded what was forgot. It‘s in those gaps where the life lives.’

Featuring Jill Rutland
Directed by Ross Drury

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Oxford School of Drama at Soho Theatre

You ever have one of those days when you’re sitting on the Tube – and you’re looking around at all these people and you just feel – not there.

And then you start thinking about really weird shit like –
Where is everyone going?
Where did they all come from?
Who’s sat in this seat before you?
Who’ll come after?
Who cares?
And – is this their story, or yours?

Directed by Chelsea Walker

The Unseen Hour

Just Like Like a Circus

The Unseen Hour podcast
Episode 31: 'Alauda – A Midsummer Nightmare'
Featured monologue

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Big Bad

VAULT Festival and London Horror Festival, 2018

'Funny story.
You know when you’re escorted by a policewoman from your place of work in handcuffs?
Naked, covered in someone else’s blood.
So embarrassing – handcuffs.

Men had always wanted Susi, even before she’d realised the power of her own body. Her wildness was too much for them and they wanted to tame her, keep her, control her. For years her animal instincts have kept her safe, but now she’s made a stupid mistake and she’s trapped – trying to figure out where she went wrong before her time runs out.

‘We all like an excuse to be bad.’

Arabella Gibbins

Arabella Gibbins

Big Bad is a blackly comic, supernatural tale of imprisonment, resistance, and female sexuality.

Featuring Arabella Gibbins
Directed by Deirdre McLaughlin
Produced by Sarah Morris

Arabella Gibbins

Arabella Gibbins


19th February – 10th March 2018
Bewley's Theatre Cafe, Dublin

‘You have to want to be here, wouldn’t you say. It has to be a choice you make yourself. Otherwise there’s no dedication. No heart.'

In an apartment somewhere in Dublin, May and Caitlin are on a mission to take back the looking. Up here, away from the prying, away from the eyes. They watch over the girls. 

Darkly comic, claustrophobic and brutal, Peep is a tale about two almost-strangers, thrown together to fight for an almost-common cause. They could take over the world if they wanted to. But they probably won’t.

'That way madness, eh. That's the way it lies.'

Featuring Alexandra Conlon and Emily Fox
Directed by Gavin Kostick

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Alexandra Conlon (Caitlin) and Emily Fox (May)

Alexandra Conlon (Caitlin) and Emily Fox (May)

Emily Fox (May) and Alexandra Conlon (Caitlin)

Emily Fox (May) and Alexandra Conlon (Caitlin)

Thrown work-in-progress

November 2017
Living Record

To watch the work-in-progress performance, which was live-streamed from The Spire in Brighton on 16 November 2017, put on some headphones and click here (the play starts at 12:30).

Like I Care

July 2017
ArtsEd, London


Broken Meats

Short film
Dir. Sam Phillips

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He's Not There

April 2017
Short play
Miniaturists at the Arcola Theatre, London

Sarah Liisa Wilkinson and Dorothy Cotter

Sarah Liisa Wilkinson and Dorothy Cotter


August/September 2016
Outbox Theatre Company
The Glory, London, and Stan's Cafe, Birmingham

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February 2016
Short play
Caravan Shorts at VAULT Festival

Brendan O'Rourke and Robin Steegman

Brendan O'Rourke and Robin Steegman


August/September 2015
Outbox Theatre Company
Hackney Showrooms, London, and Contact, Manchester

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This Girl

Summer 2015
Short play
Bold Tendencies, Peckham


Short film
Dir. Freddie Hall
Nominated: Best Writer at Underwire Festival 2015
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How to Find Us

August 2014
Oxford School of Drama
Soho Theatre, London



August 2013
Oxford School of Drama
Soho Theatre, London

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You Could Move

Easter 2013
Outbox Theatre Company
Arcola Tent, London, and Contact, Manchester

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Reach Out and Touch Me

Easter 2012
Outbox Theatre Company
Shoreditch Town Hall, London


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