Reviews for Big Bad

'Big Bad is a masterclass in storytelling… Gray writes subtly animal inflections into the language, summoning an immediate, instinctual way of apprehending the world.' Exeunt Magazine

'A gruesome, bloody, beautiful depiction of the animal within us all' London Theatre 1 ★★★★

'This gripping one-hour story was beautifully told by Arabella Gibbins… I also have to mention the female crew behind Big Bad; with more and more feminist shows coming to London, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to stand out. But their story of defiance in the face of hardship, of finding your inner strength and of never giving up is inspirational.' Playhouse Pickings ★★★★

'Her story of abuse, sexual power and society’s fear of strong women echoes like the howl of a wolf… It’s a polished, complete play with a confrontational viscerality necessary in the world today.' The Play's the Thing

'Conceptually, the Big Bad is terrific, using the stalking horse of a werewolf story to provide a novel scope for themes of entrapment, power, and the experience of being a (were)woman. This is supported by excellent writing, peppered with eerily familiar references and double-meanings, to drive home a story that is both gripping and meaningful. The text is carefully crafted to feel whole, and complete. Nothing is forgotten – nothing is said without reason.' The Spy in the Stalls ★★★★★

'Big Bad is a powerful, disturbing and intriguing one-woman show that invites questions about sanity, morality and femininity, and leaves a horrible knot in the stomach.' A Younger Theatre